About Portal

​​​he IPA Portal Was developed using the latest technology in portals management.

The advantage of the gate to allocate content by categories of visitors to the site , where they were split content to several sections ( for the institute , branches and departments , Services Institute , nomination and acceptance , trainees and learners , sources of knowledge and finally electronic services ) were also the order of content within these classifications , allowing site visitors access speed the information that he wants to reach , whether Lacan trainee or student or a government agency or employee . Also been designed main navigation of the site is distinct , comparable to the latest technology design world , where the drop-down list is designed to allow quick access to all sections of the site.
As the Institute attaches great interest in e-government initiatives , it has been prominently electronic services through the gate and is classified according to the categories of visitors , where there are studying at services , services trainees , government services , service employees of the institute , in addition to the category of other services .
This site contains many interactive services for visitors such as questions and answers, which is the recommended sites , multiple channels of knowledge , specialist forum for semesters and referendums​