Customer Charter
​The IPA portal interacts and communicates between the Institute and the task of the beneficiaries of the public services. Any relationship between the two parties requires the development of guidelines and standards of public guarantees to strengthen and develop that relationship in order to achieve the highest degree of benefit. The IPA has developed a portal to charter for its clients to contain the obligations of the gate towards the visitors and responsibilities of those visitors toward the portal.
​Our Responsibility
Based on the vision and mission of the Institute of Public Administration, and in order to achieve the objectives of its portal, we seek to provide the best possible services to clients, trainees, students, government agencies or even the researchers, in order to recognize the visitor in some detail and use the portal.
​We have identified the most important responsibilities of the portal as follows:
  •      ​ Help and support
  •       Privacy and confidentiality of the information
  •       Complaints and Suggestions​
​Customer Responsibilities
Since the gate of the Institute of Public Administration is committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, there are a number of responsibilities borne by these customers to ensure the arrival of interest to them in regards to the responsibilities of the gate:
  •      ​ Terms of use gate
  •       E-participation
  •       Complaints and Suggestions​​