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The IPA offers its programs for high school and university graduates. It also offers training programs.as well as English language programs for public servants.
Research and Studies
Research and Studies Activity aims at encouraging, supporting and providing the appropriate environment for activating scientific research. It also aims at diagnosing, analyzing and addressing the administrative problems and disseminating administrative thinking.
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Consultations Activity has been key to the IPA work since its inception in 1380H. The main objective of this activity is to assist the beneficiaries in achieving a set of general objectives.
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Documentation and Information
Documentation and information activity at the IPA is concerned with collecting, classifying and indexing of government administrative and organizational documents that are compatible with the IPA policies and fields of interest. This includes royal decrees royal orders, supreme orders, resolutions of the Council of Ministers and organizational resolutions.
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Nomination and Admission
The IPA provides an educational environment that enables the trainees to acquire theoretical sciences and practical experiences under elite professionals in all areas of knowledge. Joining the IPA ensures that you have an excellent level of learning and training.
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The IPA provides various sources of knowledge and publishes them online to enrich the general content of its website. It also provides support services for students, researchers and a variety of end-users.
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