Research and Studies
Conferences and Symposia

​​​​​Objective​Convene conferences and symposia that best serve administrative development.


1. Create and implement the Department's annual plan. 

2. Provide administrative and scientific supervision on the symposia and conferences held by the IPA. 

3. Follow up the teams assigned to carry out field research for Conferences and Symposia, and provide the necessary facilitation to ensure performance. 

4. Follow up the public and private agencies and individuals proposed to submit working papers to the Conferences and Symposia. 

5. Follow up the organization of research and working papers of the Conferences and Symposia in coordination with the relevant coordination unit at the IPA. 

6. Provide all equipment and services required to carry out conferences and symposia in coordination with the relevant organizational units at the IPA. 

7. Follow up the committees reinstating the recommendations of symposia and provide the necessary facilitation.

8. Follow up assessment of the conferences and symposia held by the IPA and make use their outcomes to develop the activities of Conferences and Symposia. 

9. Document cooperation with the international organizations associated with United Nations and others in hosting symposia at the IPA in coordination with the Cooperation and Partnerships Department. 

10. Organize work at the Department and create procedures manual that contains all activities performed by the Department. 

11. Establish standards to measure, review and develop performance of all activities of the Department on an ongoing basis. 

12. Organize and archive documents of the Department to facilitate retrieval and use. 

13. Determine the training needs required for the Department staff and coordinate with the various competent administrative units to fulfill these needs. 

14. Determine and follow up the Department's needs of human resources, equipment and materials. 

15. Organize periodical reports and recommendations of development on achievements by the Department and report to the IPA Director-General.

16. Perform any other tasks assigned to the Department in the field of interest.

Venue of Conferences and Symposia​

Conferences and symposia hosted by the IPA are held at the IPA headquarter in Riyadh at Ibn Khuldun Room at King Salman Conference Center. The events are transmitted live to the Women Institute of Public Administration (WIPA) in Riyadh through the IPA network of remote communication.

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