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Objectives of Consultations
Assisting government agencies in developing their structural framework in such a way as to ensure efficient and effective performance of their tasks, and to avoid overlapping and duplication.
Assisting government agencies in developing their internal laws and regulations.
Assisting government agencies in streamlining their work procedures and carrying out their tasks, and adapting to new changes.
Assisting government agencies in adopting modern approaches and methodologies used by other governments in administrative and technical practices.
Assisting government agencies in developing their institutional and technological structures.
Assisting government agencies in maximizing their use of human and financial resources.
The activity provided by the IPA is a critical tool in achieving administrative development and providing advice to government agencies and civil society organizations. The IPA has evolved into a well-known think tank with a global reputation for its ability to provide solutions to administrative issues that agencies and organizations face while working to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
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Main fields of consultation
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The main beneficiaries of IPA consultation activities have proven to be government agencies. This includes ministries, central bodies, agencies, institutions, or public projects, as well as civil society and private sector institutions.
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Human Competencies
The IPA has highly qualified scientific and administrative staff with extensive background in the field of administration and related sciences. These competencies are tasked with providing highly professional consultations at the IPA headquarters and branches in accordance with the methodology the IPA adopts.
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