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Applied Studies
One of the IPA’s core activities is studies. It aims to explore and understand the most pressing development issues facing the public and private sectors and provide creative solutions to these problems. This function focuses on assisting our customers in achieving distinctive, sustainable, and substantial improvements in their performance. This is accomplished through our high-impact applied studies that reflect the ever-changing organizational environment.
Targeted Agencies
Ministries - Authorities - Universities - Private sector institutions

Applied studies include the following areas:
Fields of Applied Studies
Our Expertise
The Institute of Public Administration has an extensive experience and success stories in various fields. Applied studies are one of the Institute's instruments for accomplishing these successes and accumulating distinguished experiences, which the Institute implements with efficiency and excellence, relying on many of our expertise:
  • We have vast experience in working and communicating with government and private entities
  • We have conducted a considerable number of distinguished studies projects in various fields
  • We have more than (850) PhD and master's degree experts in a variety of fields, enabling us to carry out tasks with high efficiency.
  • We focus on creating partnerships and teamwork to carry out various tasks
  • We adopt the most up-to-date approaches to ensure responsiveness and quick interaction with customer needs
  • We have extensive expertise in change management and knowledge transfer
  • We have the most distinguished administrative management expertise in the Kingdom.
The Department of Applied Studies adopts the key principles of the Institute of Public Administration: customer-centricity, proactivity, professionalism, excellence, commitment, transparency, and teamwork. To request the service, you can contact the Director of Applied Studies.
Requesting the Service

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