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Gender Balance Center (GBC)
In its session No. (269) dated 7/10/2021, the Board of Directors of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), headed by His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, approved the establishment of the "Gender Balance Center". The GBC was developed as an administrative unit within the IPA's organizational structure to achieve the strategic objectives of Vision (2030) through the development and empowerment of human capabilities and the achievement of the principle of equal opportunities in the workplace. It is also concerned with achieving the 5th sustainable development goal, which is gender equality. The Center's aim is to coordinate the efforts of the kingdom's agencies to achieve gender balance. This will be achieved by providing initiatives and projects that close the gender gap, organizing training programs, and providing administrative, organizational, and strategic consultations and studies to implement the concept of equal opportunity and achieve gender balance.
Strategic Objectives

Coordinating administrative consultations and developmental recommendations to improve organizational policies and practices across all Kingdom sectors in order to achieve gender balance.
Providing recommendations to the relevant organizations on how to carry out programs, initiatives, and restructurings to close the gender gap and concentrate on administrative development.
Developing studies and consultations that support gender balance.
Developing training and qualification plans for all Kingdom sectors to close the gender gap.
Developing plans to enhance an organizational culture that promotes the concept of gender balance.
Contributing to the permanent establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the benchmark for enacting laws and implementing initiatives to close the gender pay gap.
Forging partnerships with the relevant local and international agencies and organizations to achieve gender balance at work, and helping the Kingdom move up the international rankings for closing the gender gap.
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The Permanent Advisory Committee on Gender Balance
It is a committee that reports to the IPA Director General. It involves government officials and aims to achieve gender balance and Saudi Vision goals (2030). The Committee focuses on recommending measures and initiatives that enhance organizational culture in support of the concept of gender balance. The Committee has a voice in all issues pertaining the elimination of the gender gap on the labor market.

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The Gender Balance Center (GBC) offers its services to both public and private sector organizations. We are pleased to communicate with all agencies whose training and consulting needs come under the Center's scope.
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Indicators of Gender Balance in the workplace
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